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Proudmommieof2 started this conversation

Hello all :) I am a mother of 2, ages 6 and 2 both girls. I am currently out of work since 2006 and my husband has been out for about 10-11 months. About 3 weeks ago our transmission went out on our car and by God's blessing sent us a new car. Well actually a friend is lending us the car for now till either we get a new one or my husband can pay for it on his own to give us. Anyways we are in a huge bind since he lost his job, I am putting myself through school, dealing with my 6 yr old daughter's scroloisis and trying to figure out how to cover our bill's. We are living on Foodstamps and Medicaid for my girls and hes also getting foodstamps himself. His dad is covering our lights and water plus misc bill's for what every my daughter needs. I myself get a check from my school every three months which covers our misc needs, phone and net bill so I am able to stay in school online, plus it covers gas every week.

Right now were trying to come up with 400.00 in rent funds which I am unsure why its 400.00 this month when our normal went is 300.00. I don't deal with paying the major bills like lights water and rent but just being told that we owe this is killing me more... If anyone can help us please email me at or email me here please and God Bless you

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